• Introduction to the International Arbitration Commission?

    The International Arbitration Commission is one of the largest arbitration centers working in the field of training within Egypt and the Arab world, with its headquarters in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

    The International Arbitration Authority is the arbitration center accredited by the Association of International Arbitration Consultants. The International Arbitration Authority is the only center in the Middle East that obtains membership cards for its members with security marks that prevent forgery.

    The only center in the Middle East that organized an international arbitration conference inside the Grand Celebration Hall at Cairo University, in May 2015, in the presence of more than 1,000 participants from all over the Arab world.

    The International Arbitration Commission is the only center that uses membership cards for its members, supported by forgery-proof watermarks.

    The only arbitration center that provides live broadcast of lectures to its members on the Authority’s website to achieve the greatest benefit for participants.

  • Studying in Arabic or English?

    Studying in the Arabic language because most of the students are Arabs and the lecturers are Egyptians and Arabs

  • What is the duration of study?

    Duration of study is 60 credit hours

  • What is the benefit of the international arbitration program?

    Resolving and settling disputes between individuals and companies, enhancing your CV, and qualifying you for fields of work and international arbitration.

    He also obtained a card from the Human Rights Committee of the Arbitration Chamber of the General Bar Association and a membership card from the International Arbitration Commission.

  • When is payment made upon my arrival in Egypt?

    After registering your information and when scheduling the course, we will contact you and ask you to pay via bank transfer or visit us at the branch.

  • Is there an installment payment system available?

    This service is currently not available

  • Is there a job after the course?

    It is known that working for international commercial arbitration can be competitive, and the knowledge and skills you will gain through the program are valuable and can be applied to various fields.

    Although there may not be many job opportunities available right now, being qualified will make you more competitive when job opportunities arise.

    In addition, you can consider alternative ways to use your education, such as starting your own business or pursuing additional education.

    You may also find opportunities in the public or non-profit sectors.

    We also offer career development resources, keep our students informed of any job opportunities that may arise, and connect them with alumni who can provide guidance and guidance.

    Keep in mind that the job market can be unpredictable and can change over time.

  • Is it allowed to write the profession as a consultant on the card?

    According to your job, in coordination with your civil registry

  • Why is there no payment after completing the course?

    Because the lectures are recorded and sent on the chat box, and in order to send them to you, payment must be made first

  • How can I receive the certificate?

    There are 3 ways to send a person affiliated with you to pick it up from the branch, contract with a shipping company to receive it, or pay an additional fee of $50 and we will send it to you with a shipping company affiliated with us.

  • What are the procedures for renewing the card?

    To renew the card, please call (002) 01013977771.

    Or visit us at the reservation and inquiry office:
    23 Mossadak Street - Dokki - Giza - Egypt

    Daily, except Friday, from ten in the morning until six in the evening, Cairo time.

  • What are the conditions and prices?

    Subscription prices are as follows:

    650 US dollars in the distance learning system.

    To obtain the program, the applicant must meet the following conditions for admission to the academic program at the International Arbitration Commission:

    Obtaining a high or above average qualification
    The applicant for the program must be of good reputation, have full legal capacity, and must not have been convicted of a criminal penalty.
    He must have the ability to judge and evaluate matters and be impartial.

  • Is there a specific age to join the program?

    There is no, but it depends on your fulfillment of the conditions, which are

    Obtaining a high or above average qualification
    The applicant for the program must be of good reputation, have full legal capacity, and must not have been convicted of a criminal penalty.
    He must have the ability to judge and evaluate matters and be impartial.

  • Details of distance education and cost?

    650 US dollars in the distance learning system.

    The distance learning system is by following the lectures live through the institution’s website with high-quality audio and video. There is also a Box Chat if there are any questions through which the lecturer can respond during the lecture. Also, if you are unable to watch the lectures during the live broadcast, the lectures are uploaded via YouTube and links are sent. To watch it again.

  • What is the period for obtaining the certificate? Are the mentioned amounts only a subscription fee and do not include obtaining the certificate?

    The period is 3 days, sorry, and the fees include the card, certificates, and delivery at the main headquarters in Egypt if you subscribe to the physical attendance system, or through shipping companies if you subscribe to the distance education system.

  • Is the certificate accredited?

    The certificate is accredited by the Economic Unity Council, and you can also accredit it from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country

  • What is the difference between a high qualification and an above-average qualification?

    Higher qualification (Bachelor’s degree)
    Qualification above intermediate level (college or post-secondary diploma)

  • If enrolled in the distance learning system, is this written in the certificate?

    This is not written on the certificate

  • What is the validity period of the card?

    It is renewed annually

  • Do the fees include certificates and delivery?

    Fees do not include delivery of international certificates and accreditations

  • I am outside Egypt, how can I renew the card?

    You can send it to us via WhatsApp and transfer the amount of $50, and it will be renewed.

  • I am outside Egypt. How can I pay to follow the distance learning system?

    You can pay via bank transfer.

  • Are there tests at the end of the program?

    There are no tests in the program. At the end of the program, a workshop is held.

    The lecturer creates an approximate format for the arbitration sessions to explain how the arbitration procedures work, through which the arbitration participants discuss the problems presented, and how to solve them practically.

  • Can holders of a diploma qualification apply to study?

    If you have a diploma after middle school, you cannot apply. However, if you have a diploma after high school, your qualification is considered above average and is acceptable to us.

  • Is there a specific age, certificate, or nationality required?

    Only qualification is required (high or above intermediate qualification).

  • How do I know if the International Commercial Arbitration Diploma is right for me?

    To determine whether an International Commercial Arbitration Diploma is right for you, you should consider your career goals and interests.

    If you have an interest in international trade and commercial disputes, and would like to pursue a career in international arbitration, then the Diploma may be suitable for you. In addition, you should consider your current level of education and experience.

    If you have a background in law, business, or a related field, you may find the program more useful. You should also research the program's curricula and the institutions that offer it, and ensure it aligns with your career aspirations.

    Finally, you must also consider the cost and time required to complete the program. If you are willing to invest the time and resources to obtain a diploma, then it may be the right choice for you.